Welcome and thank you for alighting here. I have 15 years of experience as practicing therapist. I qualified in 2001 and began working in 2002. I have experience in a variety of roles, settings and places. I have worked internationally. I believe in the power of bodywork to alleviate ailments of short and long durations. I have had a lot of success with cancer sufferers, pregnancy programs, and women wishing to conceive. I also tailor wellness sabbatical programs for visitors to Cape Town. For the none-of-the-above; I specialize in a holistic, intuitive style of massage that has evolved from all my education and experience. I also work closely with families, helping out teenagers or younger with exam stress or sports injuries when their parents (as my clients) deem it necessary. I have abundant experience with diverse health problems ranging from depression to diabetes. Process work is part of my specialty.

I aim to iron out kinks and knots and leave you with a greater feeling of balance and wellbeing. Massage has tremendous benefits on so many health levels: muscular, skeletal, cardio vascular, immunity to name a few. I like to maximize these benefits through my working style.

You can book me to travel to you, or come to my premises.

If you don't look after your body, where will you live? I look forward to assisting you in looking after your body.


Cate Erlank | 0838982107 | Providing Healing Treatments - Mobile and Premises Options to the greater Cape Town area

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