Are you serious about the treatment you are about to receive?

Hello, and welcome to my 4th blog entry! Gosh we are having a lovely wet beginning to August, and what with the eclipse at the end of July there does seem to be a lot going on at the moment.

So in order to calm things down a bit, I thought to write about how you, as client, can make your experience with Mountain Massage become one of utmost benefit, with maximum value for your money.

 Surely you want to feel like this…

 Or like this, after your treatment.

It’s true that whether you are coming to my therapy room, or I am coming to you, the bulk of the experience rests with me giving you a good treatment. There’s no getting away from that. But you can make it just that much more enjoyable if you participate in your own experience a bit. If you get serious about receiving all there is to receive from the hour.

So what do I mean?

When you come to my therapy room:

Try and arrive a few minutes before your treatment is due to start. This will allow us to greet each other in an unhurried way, and for you to be able to place your handbag (or car keys), go to the bathroom, ask questions, and get undressed without having to rush. If you are not rushed for these steps, your brain and body will already be relaxing when you lie down. You will then find it that much easier to “switch off” and get into the moment. If you arrive in a fast way and only lie down on my treatment bed at 5min past the start of your treatment time, then you might just find it takes longer to unwind. Plus if I have another client after you, I will only be able to treat you for 55min. So really, it’s in your best interests to arrive a few min early. In rare cases where the client is early enough, we can start the treatment earlier than planned, and then you get a few minutes of treatment for free.

Please read on, especially the section called “General tips for both scenarios”.

When I do a mobile treatment:

I make a lot of effort to ensure that it’s lovely for you when I do a mobile treatment, and often in the lift in a block of flats when I am going to do a house-call, the other people in the lift will comment that I look like a mobile spa. I can only think that this is because of what they see my carrying. So what do I bring? I bring my massage bed, a bunch of towels, some massage oil, a few aromatherapy oils, some drinking water, and some music. Usually, I can fit all of this into two carry-able pieces: the bed itself, and a large bag that contains everything else. This is standard.

 Neat and compact.

If you book a reflexology treatment, then I might need to bring one or two other pieces of equipment, because I believe in bathing the feet before I start a reflexology treatment (some reflexologists don’t do this, and just start the treatment off the bat). I strive to arrive a little earlier, in order to have time to set up, and start the treatment at the designated time. That’s about all I can do from my side to ensure that you have a nice home treatment. (oh, and let’s not forget that I eat well, sleep well, exercise well, and generally look after myself in a way that ensures that I am both physically able to perform the treatment, AND mentally present as well.) From your side, it will really help you to enjoy your treatment more if you could:

 This space is not ready for a massage bed to get set up in it.

Choose a nice area of your house, and clear a little floor space for me before I arrive. When my massage bed is set up, it takes up a space of 2m by 1m. Then I still need to walk around the bed constantly during the hour to perform the movements of the massage. (It is slightly different for reflexology and Reiki.) If I have to create this space myself by moving household items out of the way when I arrive there, it affects the tone of things. Equally, if the place where you tell me I can set up is small and dark, this might not affect you, but it will affect me, which will in turn affect the massage. It is a regular (though baffling) occurrence that when I go to the houses of certain types of people, I get assigned this tiny little cramped, dark, airless room to do the treatment in, and it leaves me wondering about super-rich people who want to be massaged in mean-spirited spaces.

Do you think I massage better in a space like this….

 Or like this?

Be home! You cannot believe how many people think I am going to magically be able to let myself in, set up and be ready so that they can just arrive and lie down. It never works like that. Always the maid or the house keeper or the kids want to have a minute of Mommy’s time before the treatment is due to begin. So try to actually be at home at least 10 min before the treatment is due to start, in order to let me into the house. It is within your power (and choice) to be on the massage bed in time for you to receive 60mins of treatment. In rare cases where the client is early enough, we can start the treatment earlier than planned, and then you get a few minutes of treatment for free.

Inform the humans who live or work in your home. How many times I have had to ring a gate intercom and speak to a housekeeper who knew nothing about the massage that her boss had booked. It is not about who knows that you’re having a massage. It’s about making sure the massage therapist can get in to set up.

Make a plan for your kids. There’s no getting around it: kids in the room change the energy of a treatment. No matter how lovely and awesome and amazing they are. Your kid might be the next Mozart, Einstein or Usain Bolt, but I still give a better massage if I am allowed to work on my client in a focused way. Having to field and manage kids while I’m massaging means you may as well not book the massage. Having a kid who can’t let you quietly have a treatment behind a closed door in your own home is not for me to deal with. I have had experiences with parents who inform their kids that I am coming that day, and they make it clear to their kids that they are not to be disturbed while I am there. This has worked well in the past, and afterwards the parent is so “in the moment” and loving, that the kid usually makes some or other comment about “letting that woman come back again”. So it does work!

 I will not be able to begin your treatment if your body is unavailable.

General Tips for Both Scenarios:

Turn off your phone! Or at least put it on silent, without the vibrate mode. Nothing pulls you out of your reverie faster than the loudness of an unexpected phone call. Especially during the quiet phase of a treatment. Unless you want that. if you let your phone remain on “noisy mode” while I’m giving you a treatment, then when it rings and jars you out of your daydream, please don’t ask me to bring it to you!

Wear something comfortable to the massage. Having to take off lots of restrictive layers means that you’ll just have to put them all back on again afterwards, when you might be feeling expansive. Arriving to the treatment space with a dressing gown on and all your jewelry off is a good way to let your subconscious know that something relaxing is about to happen. You also won’t be putting oil onto your clothing afterwards. (I have gowns available in my therapy room for these situations.)

 Wearing a gown to your treatment helps you to feel more luxurious.

If you must chat all the way through the treatment, I will do my best to keep up with you, but please be advised that my best work comes through when I am allowed to tune in and focus on what’s in front of me. If I have to pay attention to a conversation and supply answers, then my application to the actual treatment suffers slightly. I have tried over the 16 years of my career to not let this be a reality, but when it comes to giving treatments, I am better if I don’t have to multi-task. (Unlike talking on the phone while making a cup of tea!) For you, it is also GREAT for your central nervous system if you allow yourself to have quiet time during the treatment. There are all sorts of benefits (which I won’t list now) that occur if you allow yourself to go within for an hour. It’s one of the key reasons why mindfulness (and its older sister meditation) has become so popular, and is practiced so widely, in recent years. Often solutions to naggy little issues bubble up when one is quiet and inward-looking. It’s also an indication of how committed you are to your own well-being.

Make time after the treatment for integration. Jumping up and rushing back to your life is one way of doing things, but if you allow yourself a minimum of twenty minutes to return to the same frenetic pace as everyone else, then your central nervous system can do so much more with the treatment you just allowed yourself. If you jump up off the massage bed, throw your clothes on, get back on your phone, and walk out throwing a “I’ll do that eft later” over your shoulder at me, guess what your nervous system is going to focus on? The present, of course! All the lovely benefits of the last hour (and you can be sure there will be benefits during a treatment) will get forgotten by the central nervous system as it strives to cope with “the now”. You may as well have had a 10min seated massage in the aisle of a shopping mall! Allowing yourself time to literally do NOTHING after a treatment is the 1st prize. Try to not even be on your phone. Lie down on your own bed, (or wait in your car if you came to me) before attempting to join the fray again. For at least twenty minutes. For the more introverted amongst us, this is an ideal time to write in your journal about impressions that you received during the treatment.

 daydreaming has many benefits.

I’ll say it once again: It is my duty and obligation to give you the best treatment I can on any given day within the circumstances that I find myself. And 99% of the time it is also my pleasure to do so. But if the circumstances can be at all tweaked in order for you to get a better treatment, then why not?

Feeling super-inspired now? You can also read my 3rd blog called “Once and Once Only” for more ways to ensure that your treatment is of the highest quality that it can be…

Whether your next treatment is with Mountain Massage, or your pedicurist, or your physio, try putting some of these suggestions in place, and see what happens….I will welcome your feedback either here or on my fb page.

Much Love as always,


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