All Hail The Designers!

Hello April! (Blog No. 2)

Welcome back. Hope you are all well.

Gosh, it’s more than a month already since I re-launched the updated website. The response has been very positive, and a lot of momentum has been created. It’s been an inspiring, enlivening time. I am very grateful to the team that helped produce it all, and to my invisible team for their support, too. (Blessings and gratitude for my angels and guides). So this blog post is going to be about my earthly team.

I mentioned my first web designer in blog number one, but I’m actually going to go a bit farther back than that, because I believe Elinore needs to be acknowledged. She was my first graphic designer, and her name is Elinore Wrigley! Just like the Beatles song. Well, it was that until she got married. But she came up with the original bamboo and blue, which served me faithfully from 2007. Her brochure was also of an extremely high standard. Her company is Me Jayne Designs, a slanted reference to “Me Tarzan You Jane”, and she still designs.

That’s what gave Adrian Coetzer the canvas for my first website, which he built in 2008. He who I mentioned in Blog 1. And I am sure I could have had many more features on that website, but somehow I mostly kept it as it was without really adding anything except detail changes over the years. Adrian has his own edgy web and media agency, and teaches at design colleges a bit as well.

I had long known that I needed a new website and business card, but I just couldn’t get there until the last quarter of last year. A feeling of conviction and urgency overcame me, and I was back in the seat of “Let’s get it done”. So I asked a friend who is an M.D at a well-known advertising agency to recommend some people to me.  This produced Sonja Fahn who designed the initial “M” logo in the nice aqua colour, and came up with the idea for the contour lines of a mountain, which I LOVED. She then went on to design my business card as well, which I have placed in the gallery for you to look at. I’m so grateful for this new logo, as it has been the basis of everything that has come since. And I do love it, its elegance and all. Sonja adds value at Ogilvy.

Around about the same time I found Gayle, who designed this website and the layout of the blog you are now reading J I cannot recommend her enough. She is intuitive, patient, able to follow a thread, and actions my requests without fault. I have been inordinately grateful to her, especially at times when the process was going through a wobbly. Please visit her website:

Of course I then also had to produce photographs for the website and they couldn’t be little selfies of me in my therapy room! I was very blessed when Justin Fox, the new editor of Getaway Magazine and social media, stepped forward as my photographer. I really think he took great shots, and I am so proud to have them on my website. Prior to his Getaway appointment, he was a freelancer on many outdoor lifestyle magazines, websites and blogs.

But wait! One cannot have photos with only the therapist! I had to find models. So I am also very very grateful to Astrid Valentine, Cheryse Gouws and Gershon Christian for being so obliging and beautiful for the photos. They are the models in all the photos you see with people in them. And what good models they were! It was a fun shoot. You might notice hints of amusement on our faces in one of the Yoga Loft photos.

There is one photo of me on this site that was not taken by Justin, and I feel to mention that photographer. He took very nice portrait photos of me in December 2016 after I realised that I needed some good photos of myself for public profiles. And for when people ask for a “recent photo of yourself”. So a big thank you, Michael Groenewald, for the portrait photos, one of which is now on my website. I use those photos often.

I’ve had a brochure designed, but it hasn’t been printed yet. I’ll be putting a PDF of it on my website in the download section, go take a look soon. Thanks to Roxi Newham-Blake of Colour’d By Design for that.

And most recently Taryn Copeman has arrived as my social media marketing pro. How she manages to get over 5500 people’s facebook feed to receive a post from my business page is mastery in my eyes! (My fb business page: The trick now is to get the people to interact with the posts, but that’s for another day. If you wish to also benefit from Taryn’s skills, contact her at

That is everyone so far. Thank you to all of you. Really. Your support and dedication have been commendable, and of the highest order. I know my “re-branding” would be completely different if it were not for this lovely, eclectic mix. Here’s to the Tao!

Much Love,


6 thoughts on “All Hail The Designers!

  1. What a loevley dedication to the success that comes from working as & in a team and the coming together of community for the good of a common project.
    The professionalism and dedication of each one is inspiring!
    We can all work toward working this way – community, professionalism, and success!!
    Well done!

  2. Dear Cate,
    Well done on your website overhaul and relaunch. Things are looking fresh and crisp!
    It often goes unnoticed how many individuals and manhours go into the design, setup, testing and launching of digital content. It looks like you found just the right people! Good work!
    Best wishes for health, happiness and success in all you do!

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