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Thanks so much for browsing my re-vamped website, and for reading this blog! I’ve just re-launched this site after having it totally overhauled. My previous site was built in 2008, and I must credit Adrian Coetzer for that. He did a good job. But it was old skool. There were no images, and it was a bit like reading a page of classified newspaper on the screen. Now you can see that I have gone and gotten the whole shebang! Well, no, that’s not quite right. I don’t have a video with a youtube link yet.

But welcome, and I hope you like what you find and if it inspires you to book, then I look forward to meeting you.

My blog posts will occur fairly regularly as: ‘wahey’, I finally have my own forum! And there’ll be a monthly email newsletter, which will contain the monthly special. Which will of course also be all on my Facebook page (did you go there yet? Please go there and “like” it!), Twitter and the website itself. I will probably keep my LinkedIn account for “serious” things. Like scientific studies that show that if you are in a bad mood you affect the whole world. Serious.

I also might run competitions, because I am an AVID amateur photographer and like to take quirky nature photos. I had the idea to post photos on the Facebook page of for example an interesting view of Lion’s Head, and then ask: “Where am I standing? First correct answer gets 45mins of their next 60min session for free”. And similar.

And then I have a few courses and retreat ideas brewing, so those will come to the fore as well.

I just really wanted to welcome you, and say a bit about what the plans are for the next while. I hope you will enjoy my outputs, and my treatments if you come for any of them. But more than anything else, I wish you so much of love, really.


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