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Once-off Sessions

Once-off Sessions That offer High Grade Palliative Relief

60 minutes sessions (unless time is added as per the icons at the bottom)

Please be advised that most of the massages include the back, neck and shoulders

Many niggles are caused by acidic conditions in the body. Knots from poor posture also display acidic chemical compounds when examined under a microscope. Please attempt to alkalise more often, and meditate. These lower ph in the body for longer life. The drinking of water also cannot be enough stressed.

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The Athlete / The Couch Potato
This massage removes deep tension, and also helps those who are sedentary! A comprehensive mix of deep tissue, Swedish and lymph drainage techniques.
The Anti-Inflammatory/ Office Relief
Swellings will be visibly reduced and computer knots will be much relieved. Massage techniques, mobilisations, and drainage.
The Mom-to-be / Can’t lie on tummy
For all pregnancy and pre-pregnancy treatments. Also for those who cannot lie on their tummy after surgery or similar. Choose a side-lying massage with thorough back, neck and shoulder work, a foot reflexology, or even a Reiki. All are good for pregnancy.
Waterless Treatments
Choose The Healer (see below) or any seated massage through the clothing e.g. head, neck and face massage, or a reflexology without the footwash. It’s possible!
The Detoxifier/ Energiser
This treatment works to energise those who are healthy, but could cause nausea or a slight headache if you are detoxing. Lymph drainage techniques coupled with foot reflexology.
The Coma/The Healer
This Reiki treatment is balm for insomniacs. Alternatively, receive a palpable ‘battery boost’ and a feeling of oxytocin if you’re needing to recover from anything in any way.
The Weary Traveler/ Immune Booster
Targets that ‘below par’ feeling. Puts you back in the seat of vitality. A combo of mostly deep tissue massage with a finish of foot reflexology.
Years Younger/ Migraine Buster
Will leave you feeling as if you are on Cloud 9. Refreshes the features of the face, relieves head pressure, conditions hair. It’s a scalp, face, neck & shoulders massage.
The Winter Warmer
This Heated Pebbles Massage is good when you have the blues, or a cold/ flu. It’s also good for Rynaud’s sufferers. Only available at my therapy room.

Micro-treatment add-ons

Aromatherapy Oil - R10

Add up to 3 types of aromatherapy oil drops to the grapeseed or almond oil that I massage you with.

Self Care Advice - R5

Receive self-care advice to take with you.

Diagnosis - R5

Receive diagnosis.

5 Mins Extra Time - R25

5min of extra treatment time (add on more massage, or reflexology, or Reiki).

10 Mins Extra Time - R50

10min of extra treatment time.

Magnesium - R5

Magnesium Spray (as you are leaving).

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