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Process Work

Process Work That Offers Curative Measures Over Time:

Whilst having a treatment here and there throughout the year is of course going to relax you and leave you feeling “nice” for a bit, nothing really beats a focused course of treatments for a month or two if you are really serious about maintaining something, or fixing something. There is now much documented literature about the benefits of a weekly treatment. If you haven’t heard it said before, then don’t take my word for it, go and google: you will find too many success stories to count of people who went for regular treatment and then found this or that got better/cleared up. And if you are in good health, nothing will maintain it more than a weekly treatment. Here in South Africa, the prevailing mentality is that a weekly treatment is an indulgence. And yet, those of my clients who do subscribe to the weekly treatment ethos are all healthy and happy and hardly ever have flu or migraine or tummy bug, or anything worse. So I urge you to consider the long term. Consider that if you have a weekly treatment, your health will get so good that 0other health related bills would fall away. The other thing a about a weekly treatment is that a lot of people derive enjoyment and relaxation from it. Whereas who ever came back from the pharmacy saying: “Wow I feel so great now, that pharmacist really sorted me out?”

Process work in which I specialize:

  • Pregnancy: I have a protocol for the full 40 weeks, but if you only join my practice at 12 weeks I can still offer you tremendous benefits for both you and your baby. The protocol includes, but is not limited to: treatments, supplemental advice, meditations both silent and guided, yoga poses, and books to read. All of the items in my protocol are geared towards helping you have a safe and healthy pregnancy with a view to a short and pain-free labour. This all helps to produce a human who grows up healthy, happy, strong and who becomes a contributing and functioning member of adult society. I draw from the work of Dr Gowrie Motha, Dr Christiane Northrup, Marianne Littlejohn, Ruth Erhardt, Birth Options and the hypnobirthing community. Please consider having a weekly pregnancy treatment for both the relief of your pregnancy symptoms (lower back ache, indigestion, etc) and also to assist your labour to be as smooth and glitch-free as possible. Pregnancy treatments are in fact almost necessary now if you want a natural birth.
  • Fertility: Most cases of infertility are a matter of lack of knowledge. I aim to educate Moms-to-be about womb health, the importance of having relaxed abdominal muscles, colon health, and psychological health. When the systems of the body are in alignment, then conception can happen quite quickly. A single session of reflexology for the sperm provider is also indicated. (Unless you are having A.I!) Restoring your natural fertility may take two sessions or ten. It will all depend on your willing ness to enter the process, and for how long your lifestyle choices have not been conducive.
  • Cancer: I am not alone in my belief that cancer is a glorious opportunity for a person to take control of, and come back to full health. Cancer is simply the body’[s way of saying: “I’m tired of the way you treat me and I want you to treat me more nicely”. And while there are of course all sorts of medical factors to take into account, I am still able to provide treatments for cancer sufferers that alleviate pain, help the body’s immune system to cope, and bring about clarity of thought for making decisions. This cancer work includes, but is not limited to, a weekly treatment, home care advice, and referral to the natural doctor. I have the most success with people who commit to a weekly treatment. I am also putting together a six night retreat with a colleague where we will teach you about your health and how to maintain it, and also address the specific symptoms of your cancer. Watch this space for more.

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