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What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kee), is an ancient healing modality that can produce profound healing effects on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Reiki is very similar to Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Reflexology, in that all of these modalities work with the same energy (Ki /Chi/Qi), and balance this energy by stimulating or unblocking the meridians that run through the body. All of these modalities work to remove blockages in the meridians and thereby restore the natural flow of energy. Acupuncture uses needles, Shiatsu uses finger pressure and Reflexology makes use of the thumbs to activate the ends of the meridians on the soles of the feet. You may have heard of the practices of Tai Chi or Qi Gong, and these work also to restore the flow of chi in the body.

Reiki, by contrast, is much more gentle and kind to the body than acupuncture, shiatsu or reflexology. During a Reiki treatment, the practitioner will perform a series of formalized hand positions that begin at the head and descend towards the feet. The hands exert a very gentle pressure on the body of the client. Healing energy that has a distinct warmish temperature gets channelled through the practitioner’s hands and into the body and energy field of the client. This energy then activates the body’s own innate healing mechanisms (much in the same way that new wounds form scabs), and blockages in the flow of energy in the meridians are then removed or balanced. Once these blockages have been removed, a state of equilibrium, balance and harmony is achieved within the body and energy field of the client. The body is encouraged to return to homeostasis. It is this state of harmony and balance that produces the feelings of well¬being and joy for life that is the true meaning of the word “Health".

After a Reiki treatment, clients have reported that they have never felt so well, or that they felt as if they have gotten ) 0 hours of sleep during the treatment, or that somehow all their negativity has been removed, or simply that they feel a tremendous sense of peace.
What is Reiki good for?

Reiki has such a wide range of applications that it is hard to pin it down to one particular thing. But, as a general guideline’

On a physical level: if you are feeling run down in any way, or just generally lacking in energy, Reiki can help to restore your energy levels and rejuvenate your zest for life. Reiki can help with aches, pains, stomach complaints, headaches, migraines, sinusitis, colds and flu, sprains and muscle strains, toothache, eyestrain and convalescing from all types of illnesses. It is especially helpful for people who are currently or have recently received chemotherapy, or those who are undergoing anti-retroviral treatment. Reiki is also going to be good for you if your body is too sore for a massage.

On an emotional level: if you have recently suffered a traumatic or stressful event such as death of a loved one, break-up of a relationship, loss of a job, or are receiving psychotherapy for anything, Reiki can really help to clear away the unnecessary emotional burdens, leaving you with more “emotional" space to do the processing and clearing that these events necessitate.|

On a mental level: Reiki facilitates a quietening of the mind and a slowing down of thoughts. This is the state during which the brain enters into alpha waves, (as opposed to the more random theta waves that occur during normal waking hours)-a state most commonly achieved during meditation. It is when the mind is quiet that one’s truest feelings have a chance to emerge, and the dearest perceptions of situations are achieved. Alpha brain states also produce cohesiveness and fluid flow from one event to the next in one’s normal daily life. Thus Reiki helps you to think more clearly, and your day flows more effortlessly.

On a spiritual level: Reiki is not a religion or a belief system. However, the benefits of having a quiet mind, a relaxed body, and freely flowing energy in your meridians can bring you closer to your spiritual beliefs, restoring faith and enhancing connectivity. Because Reiki heightens clarity of perception it is perfect for helping you to move forward with your path.

The Format of a Reiki Treatment:
I have often heard of Reiki being compared to the Christian “laying on of hands", because, as stated earlier in this brochure, the treatment itself consists of a series of formalized hand positions that begin at the head and descend to the feet. However, this is by no means cast in stone, and the guidelines set out by the World Reiki Alliance for the hand positions are merely there to ensure that all areas of the body are covered. The practitioner might find an area that needs more time spent on it, and then less time will be spent on the healthier areas of the body. Most usually, a client will be aided to lie down on a massage table, or a formal Reiki bed, although I have seen Reiki performed whilst the client sits in a chair. No clothing is removed. It is best for the client to remain quiet, as this facilitates the slowing dowr of brain waves, and allows for the body’s natural healing processes [o activate. Sometimes, clients fall asleep, and this is very beneficial for the body as stored exhaustion can then be released. Afterwards, clients should feel relaxed, peaceful and energized. In really rare instances, clients may feel spacey or drowsy, but this soon goes away and is replaced with the positive aspects mentioned above.

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